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RUSH HOUR - Heidi Duckler Dance

Heidi Duckler Dance/Northwest (HDD/NW) presents Rush Hour, an interdisciplinary dance project, in which an assemblage of cars and trucks provides the setting for a collection of narratives about human relationships and identities. Each story is told in, on or around a mode of transportation.

Saturday, May 18 at 6pm & 8pm, Marine Artists Studios Northwest, 2516 NW 29th, Portland, OR.

Curated by Heidi Duckler Dance NW. Featured artists include:

Kya Bliss
mizu desierto scooter performance/dance with kelly nesbitt along with lolo halman on sound
Heidi Duckler
Conrad Kaczor
Carla Mann
Kiel Moton
Rayawnie Paris
Nicholas Petrich
Jenny Windom
Jennifer Wright

Heidi Duckler Dance/Northwest receives support from the Regional Arts and Culture Council and the Oregon Arts Commission, a state agency, funded by the State of Oregon and the National Endowment of the Arts.