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dreambody workshop with giovanni fusetti - PDX

  • Process Work Institute 2049 NW Hoyt St. Portland, OR 97209 (map)
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This seminar is open to every person wishing to explore the connection between movement based theatre and Process Work, both on an intellectual level and in an experiential way. The experiential part of the seminar will offer tools of self-awareness through the power of expression, embodiment and humor. Previous experiences and knowledge in Process Work will be helpful but they are not required.
The seminar is open to any person interested in exploringher-himself with humor and depth; to anyone involved in the arts, education, social work, health care (educators, social workers, therapists...). Theatre artists will discover a way to work with very personal raw emotional states and turn them into great poetic material and physical comedy.
The emotional work will be intense and ecstatic: the body will reveal what it needs to experience and express, in a dynamic of amplification, play, letting go and insights.
Shadows, angels, demons, archetypes, physical symptoms, dreambody processes will appear and will be welcomed in the alchemical power of the group.

A strong and playful desire of diving in one’s own folly is required !

As the final step of a research project, the seminar is in part experimental, and participantswill be part of a pedagogic creation, in which new exercises and approaches will be explored.

The seminar will provide a variety of insights, knowledge, exercises and tools for practitioners (therapists, teachers, facilitators…). All material will be shared for the common good of individual and collective awareness and as a celebration of pedagogic research and creation. 
As a creator of these seminars, I ask that, if you will use, develop or integrate the material of the seminar into your practice, as I wish, you will quote its source.

See you in the playing field.